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Mental Arithmetic fun!

Mental Math Monsters Fun mental arithmetic game for children

Mental Math Monsters is a fun mental arithmetic game to challenge children of all ages.

Children can choose to play one of four game types, addition, subtraction, muliplication, or division. As they progress the challenge becomes harder, but if they score enough points they will be rewarded by unlocking fun new monsters to play with.

Available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Quick Thinking Maths

Swipe the monster with the correct answer to break down the wall to get to the next level.
The faster you are with the answer the more damage to the wall and coins you will collect.
But be careful! Get the wrong answer and your health will quickly run out.
Who will be the champion in each maths area? And who will be the overall Top Player?

Monster Math

Win Coins - Collect Monsters

Monster Math

Getting the correct answer rewards Gold Coins. The More coins you win to closer you get to freeing a new monster.

Monster Math

Over 28 fun monsters to collect. Each monster comes with their own fun sounds and personality to help you win even more Gold Coins.

Made For Schools - Students

With Made For Schools, children can compete with their classmates whilst playing at home on their own device.

Students must login with the details provided by their teacher to begin. They get to play the same great mental arithmetic Mental Math Monsters game but they will be able to see all their classmates scores and compete with them for the Top Player award and try to become the champion of the addition, subtraction, muliplication and division leagues.

Monster Math

Made For Schools - Teachers

With Made For Schools, teachers can encourage their students to practice their mental arithmetic whilst at home on their own devices.

Teachers must register their class and add all their pupils to begin. Once logged in a teacher can view the scores of all their pupils and see who is top of the league tables.
Login details are easily exported from within Mental Math Monsters so that they can be shared with pupils using existing communication channels.

Monster Math